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Main products manufactured by Kor-Product Ltd:

  • manufacturing of water tanks for railway vehicles and equipments, wastewater reservoirs and railway containers
  • manufacturing of barriers, railroad switch units and instrument boxes for Hungarian and Italian state railways indirectly
  • manufacturing of aluminium and rust-proof structures and parts for traffic information and traffic technology equipments
  • manufacturing of metal parts and housings for laboratory fume hoods
  • manufacturing of metal parts for barcode readers
  • manufacturing of metal parts for fitness equipments
  • design of roller tables
  • manufacturing of metal parts for illuminating technology products
  • manufacturing of metal equipments and housings (e.g. elevator coverings, hospital beds, simple operating table, advertisement board, advertising totems, projector holders etc.)
  • planning and design of individual industrial products


2014. Kor-Product Kft. - Minden jog fenntartva - Utolsó frissítés dátuma: 2018. július 6.
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